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Look'n Up Primal Blue Adventures of the
Rooftop Jammers

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Look'n Up...
1. Lovin Man
2. One Way Street
3. Forbidden Fruit
4. Small Town Blues
5. Slippin Away
6. Step by Step
7. The Menu
8. Angel
9. Never Say Never
10. Brighter Days

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Primal Blue...

is an original blend of acoustic blues and down-home grooves.

1. Rt. 90 Blues

2. Movin On Down
3. Raised by a River
4. Finish Line
5. The Fence
6. Love My Baby
7. Sad Clown
8. Look'n Up
9. Memphis Blue

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Adventures of the Rooftop Jammers

1. Rider

2. Jerry's Song
3. Bells Ringing
4. Tanner Gray
5. Cryin' Out Loud
6. Sad Song Life
7. House of Cards
8. Lucille
9. Empty Pockets
10. Skin Deep
11. Barnyard
12. St. Vincent

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